Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture

About Oksana

I am a fully qualified TCM practitioner and a member of the British Acupuncture Council, with five years training experience both in the UK and China. I have extensive experience working with the NHS and at private clinics in the UK.

I originally trained in western medicine, completing five years at medical school in Ukraine. However during my studies I became frustrated with idea that I might know lots of information about how the body works and yet still not be able to bring a fully rounded (physical and emotional) therapeutic effect to my future patients.

I came to this realisation after observing patients being treated in hospital during my training. My father had taught me about herbal and folk medicine as a child and I realised that I needed a more holistic approach to health, that cares for all aspects of our being, not just the physical.

My education in alternative medicine started from taking few years of apprenticeship in Acupuncture with Dr. Sun-Chen-Lee, M.D. (Lviv, Ukraine) while still studying Internal Medicine at Medical School. Later I got my degree in TCM: Acupuncture at the Westminster University, London, followed by a post graduate degree in Chinese Herbal Medicine.

Later I took a trip to China where I had amazing opportunity to observe and learn from Dr Fen (Hangzhou, China) who has been practising Nine Palaces Acupuncture style for all his life. That experience opened for me a new dimension in understanding main pillars of Chinese medicine.

Learning with Dr. Tan, Balance Acupuncture was a break through in increasing clinical results in my practice from day one I have started applying his style. Further curiosity led me to find Master Tung Acupuncture style. I have great privilege to learn it from direct and only Tibetan disciple of Master Tung, Dachen Palden (now Dr. Palden Carson, M.D.) who is also an editor and translator of original and only book written by Master Tung, and a president of the World Tung's Acupuncture Association.

Attending International Acupuncture Conference in Turkey, Ankara, brought me to the exciting discovery of bio resonance therapy which is successfully combined with acupuncture by many Turkish M.D. Bio-resonance therapy is an innovative holistic technique that combines principles of traditional medicine (particularly acupuncture and homoeopathy) with modern electronic technology that allows to get truly amazing result in clinical practice. You can find more information on Bicom bio resonance therapy here.

Since my graduation in 2004 I have been helping my patients with fertility issue, supporting during pregnancy and labour induction; menopause; anxiety and other mental emotional problems; muscular skeletal pain, digestion problems, headaches and migraines.